Friday, February 22, 2013 that's a start..

Ok. Don't want to give a lofty introduction or welcome note at all. It is also not that I was dying to  create this blog. Instead I am not at all that type of person who is into writing and all. In fact, I believed in talking my feelings out than writing them down. But recently I realized, that its better to pen them down as that is what is making me feel better(these days) without having the hassle of several subjective interpretations and advices of people around me. No doubt, I had my own diary to take my tantrums. But, only today, for the first time I felt that since i love typing, its better to put my feelings-doubts-questions on this blog and share it with people who would be complete strangers to me, ; in the process might lead me to some answers which I have not received till now, form my known circle of friends and wellwishers. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Warmly, :)

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