Sunday, February 24, 2013

Loving attachment or Attaching Love (in whatever way you want to read)

"'Ruddho dwarer bahire dnaraye aami
Ar kotokal amone katibe swami
Priyotomo he, jaago jaago jaago!"
(O Lord! O Beloved!  Arise!How long should I wait before the closed door before it embraces me inside?)
This excerpt from the Tagore song perfectly describes the state of mind i am now into. Its about all of us, our quest of life, our quest for love, our quest for happiness, our quest for anything that is positive. Does anybody of us actually search or want negativity? Perhaps not. The inherent nature in us would not allow it. SO, everybody of us, in some form or the other is in front of something that is unknown to us or beyond one's comprehension-- as if in front of a closed door. The more we strive forward and open one door, another door comes up in front of us. The entire life is about this only, isn't it?
Actually the quest for happiness comes from our desire of avoiding unhappiness. From  where does such unhappiness come? From the fear of us getting hurt; physically, mentally, economically, materially and the list goes on. It was not long back, when I had read a certain column in the segment of 'The Speaking Tree'( which is a regular feature of the TOI) where a distinction had been made between love and attachment. It argued that while love is an unconditional feeling bereft of any sort of negativity within it, it is the attachment to that thing/person whom we love that causes our unhappiness; because attachment leads the person to possess that object of love(no intention of objectification plz! :) ) lest it ceases to love him/her back. Thus, condition is unconsciously imposed on the unconditional nature of love. As a result, in most of the cases its seen that people are crying not for losing their love( as it remains permanently with a person throughout one's life) but for the attachment they held for the object.
I found the argument to be quite apt for me. Not sure whether it holds good for others as well.

Have a good day ahead :)

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