Tuesday, April 2, 2013


“Hearts have been exchanged, thousands deaths have been died, accompanied many as anklets in their feet/Went from door to door cajoling people, only giving and receiving sorrows in the process/Only tears were there to form garlands as decoration for my blood-scorn heart.”
(Excerpts from one of Tagore's poems)

Sometimes in life, you need to let go of many things that you have held dear. However, although we need to do it at times, it seems to be the most difficult thing to do. As I had already mentioned previously, such difficulty is usually posed due to the attachments we share with everything around us, without which we feel incomplete and feel anxious of what would happen next. In fact, it is again the fear of unknown that actually drives us to be obsessed with these things, because we tend to get comfortable with whatever is there. But the funny part of it is this, that life is/was never static. The same ‘status-quo’ which we really want to maintain, was never static. The situation from which we now derive comfort, probably was not comfortable in the beginning. But we tend to forget that. We adjust, we ‘move-on’, but still not ready to accept this oft-quoted phrase, ‘change is the only constant thing in this world.’ Sometimes, it’s the monotony of our fast life,that prevents us from realizing the picture that lay beyond such petty nitty-gritty of everyday life. I did read somewhere that in order to live at times, you need to die a little inside. In the long run, I am sure, it’s going to yield positive results. Just we need to keep our spine straight and be brave in letting go of those elements from your life which has ceased to be important in your life, clinging on to which can only increase your pain and nothing else.

Today I would enclose one sketch drawn by me not long ago, in a strange mind setup. Although, I attempted to make a sketch of Tagore, it is far from being ideal :D

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